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Zelensky announces a „very simple formula“ to stop strikes on refineries in Russia

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy has expressed Ukraine’s position on ending the attacks on Russian oil refineries and voiced a „formula“ for stopping them. He said this in an interview with Bloomberg on Wednesday, UNN reports.

„We are being hit by electricity, and no one has been able to put Putin in his place so that he does not turn this war into a genocide of the Ukrainian people. And leaving people without drinking water and hospitals without electricity is a genocidal policy,“ Zelenskyy said

He says that no one stopped Putin with words, so Ukraine began to attack his energy sector.

„Everyone suddenly started saying that we should somehow stop, because this is an escalation. Our position is very simple. Is the world hurt that we are hitting Russia’s energy sector? Make it so that it does not hit our energy sector. It’s a very simple formula,“ the President noted.


The defense forces successfully hit a number of oil refinery facilities and other important targets of the Russian Federation on the night of June 20 and the night of June 21. In particular, the night saw a successful strike on Shahed-136/Geranium-2 storage facilities, training buildings, and command and control and communications centers for these UAVs located in the Krasnodar region.

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